At Westroads “Excellence” is a way of life

Pursue improvement   |   • Learn from our mistakes         • Look for better ways        • Be innovative        • Embrace change

We commit to the Team


Safety first

  • We keep ourselves, our team and the public safe
  • We all lead by example
  • Have courage to correct unsafe behaviour
  • Follow established procedures
  • Ask if unsure


  • Respect ourselves, our team mates, clients and the public
  • Respect the company’s assets and image
  • Trust staff to do the right thing
  • Listen openly
  • Respect and protect the environment

Value our staff

  • Together we achieve more
  • “Please” and “Thanks” goes a long way
  • Care enough to provide constructive feedback
  • Develop our people through training, mentoring and support
  • Provide opportunities for career advancement
  • Reward competitively

We are Performance Driven


Plan & Communicate

  • Understand the requirements in detail
  • Plan using team knowledge
  • Communicate effectively

Always do our best

  • Come to work to work
  • Deliver the plan efficiently
  • Do it right first time

We take pride

  • Lead by example
  • Take pride in ourselves, our work and our company
  • Enjoy work and celebrate success